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Make Small Spaces Appear Bigger

Make Small Spaces Appear Bigger

Small spaces can feel confining in a home, stifle productivity in offices, and keep businesses from attracting new customers. Open up those rooms, let in some light, and enjoy the space with Custom Glass solutions. Glass automatically transforms any space into a bigger and brighter place to be. Whether you own a home, an office, or a business visit Capitol Glass for details on how glass components can make a significant difference in appearance.


In the Home


Small bathrooms are a common issue in modern homes and apartments. Adding a shower curtain will make the bathroom seem even smaller and eliminate half the light in the room. Replacing a curtain with a glass shower enclosure opens up the whole room. It is filled with natural light and does not feel crowded. internal glass walls is perfect for a tiny bathroom.


Switching out a wooden interior door for a glass one between the kitchen and dining room, or the entrance way and the living room will open up space without costing a fortune. It will also be a stunning addition to the décor that will impress visitors. Glass top tables, cabinet doors, or shelving will also make a difference.


glass wall price and Businesses


Professional offices, retail businesses, hotels, and restaurants are ideal spaces for the installation of glass walls. A reception area with a glass wall, for example, makes an excellent first impression. Offices separated by glass partitions rather than traditional cubicles experience more collaboration, increased productivity, and higher morale among employees.


Glass can be installed in varying thicknesses and presentations to reduce sound and ensure privacy. An opaque frosted glass will provide privacy while still letting a certain degree of light. Patterned glass maximizes privacy and lets in some natural light. Design services are available to help owners select the glass type and thickness to suit their unique needs.


Retail stores can benefit from glass display cases, shelving, walls and railings for ramps and staircases. A glass elevator is impressive and allows customers the opportunity to notice more of the store inventory. Specialty glass is used to maintain the highest level of safety. There are several examples of finished project in the gallery, so see here for more info ration and ideas on how to attract customers and make the space appear bigger and brighter.


Get started today to enjoy maximum benefit and increase business and revenues. Stand out ffom the competition.