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Vietnam Veteran's America

Vietnam Veteran's America

Thousands of Veterans are there, their hopes snuffed out by a Veterans Administration that is bogged down, undermanned, untrained, as well as has a bad attitude in the direction of the task they try to do. After Vietnam, experts are experiencing from Post-Traumatic Tension, Agent Orange afflictions, conditions, as well as have family members that do not have sufficient cash to hide them, as well as after that there's the Professional's Management that does not care.


Think that this country has not transformed it's back of our Professionals? Tale after tale, day after day, month after month, year after year Expert's wait in line, their hopes diminished, the Expert's Administration denies their insurance claims, hoping they provide up, or die.


Within most large cities is an Expert's Management Regional Office, such as the Regional Office in Phoenix Metro, Arizona. The Professional will certainly offer up, will not wish to maintain up the years of combating it takes to obtain their claim approved, or they die before it occurs. Better, the Expert has to pay for medical expenses, over and over, for the Regional Workplace keeps sending out letters, desiring even more info, over and also over it takes place, each as well as every month.


When I applied for Post-Traumatic Anxiety resulting from my scenic tour in Vietnam, I submitted it with the Phoenix Metro Regional Workplace. I reviewed a year collecting info and also clinical therapy, each time paying a portion of it. Month after month the Regional Workplace would request for more information when obtaining it would shed the documents. Over six times they misfiled, lost, or merely shed the essential documentation to wage my case. Over twelve times I asked them for assistance in acquiring records. Not as soon as were they successful or even tried to locate things required. The law specifies that the Regional Workplace is needed to help the Professional in getting details. Citation Nr: 0313595-decision date 06/23/03, docket 92-22.


Further, the Regional Workplace in very first rejecting my claim stated that they concur I am experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress; yet, there is no armed forces records verifying of my stressors. http://www.freewebsite-service.com/trekkingvietnam93/voyage%2Bvietnam.php?id=559675&snavn=Thoughts+On+Factors+In+Guide+Voyage+Vietnam This was untrue considering that I had Internet posts as well as a letter from a person, as well as a charms court choice all from people that went to the same unit, the exact same time, as well as location I was during the Vietnam War. The Regional Office was needed to take my testimony on faith if there was not a prevalence of evidence on the contrary. 38 U.S.C.A. 5107 (West Supp. 2001) 38 C.F.R. 3.102 (2001 ). In Gilbert v Derwinski, 1 Vet App 49, 53 (1990) the Court mentioned that "a proficient need just demonstrate there is an approximate balance of positive and also adverse evidence in order to accept the insurance claim.


After 2 years of acquiring details, records, and medical proof, the Regional Workplace in Phoenix did not comply with the law and initially rejected the case, which is just one example of their lack of expertise and aid provided. Again, this is just one example of what the Phoenix Metro Regional Workplace does; there are thousands of situations that come under this classification.


This is the country where Vietnam Veterans live. At the end of the Vietnam War and upon returning home, Vietnam Veterans were scourged as well as tainted. Today we continuously be refuted our due legal rights, wishing we will certainly surrender the fight, or pass away prior to we could obtain assistance.


It is time for every American to come to the support of it's Veterans. Call your Congressman today and demand that the Expert's Management beginning treating individuals correctly.