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What is the origin of your obsessions?

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It is said that an obsessive behavior is a recurrent and repetitive action that has a beginning on a slope recorded by the mind and has not been resolved, so the obsessive person is "forced" to repeat again and again until try to feel satisfied with the answer.

Some experts suggest that the origin of obsessive behavior has a beginning in early childhood where the child has been subjected to very strict and unjustified rules in a very strict educational environment where it is very easy to fail to the expectation that one has of the student, either of their parents or of their school area, thus originating a dilemma between what must be done and what is desired to be done.

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Answer a repressed conflict ...

According to psychologist and psychotherapist Georgina Reyes, obsessive ideas are persistent thoughts that cause a strong anxiety and restlessness always accompanied by worry and feelings of guilt, since usually people who suffer from These are fully criticized by those around them.

It is important to determine at an opportune moment if what is happening is part of a neurotic behavior or really is already a complicated problem where it is necessary the intervention of an interdisciplinary team that will study the most appropriate way to treat the case.

Obsessive behavior is more common than we imagine. It is really an answer to a repressed conflict that struggles to manifest itself.

The origin of obsessions is as varied as there are people in the world, there are not really identical behaviors that can be classified or generalized in the world of Psychology.

Each individual grants in his or her story the value determined to a scene that has remained according to him, without resolving and that is where the obsessive behavior that may have its origin in his relationship with a family member, with a friendship, in a love relationship, work, etcetera.

It is very important to have an intimate and reflective approach with our "I" to be able to attend and be aware of when a behavior begins to diminish our peace and begins to generate strong anxiety and even permanent unrest in our way of responding to the life and interpersonal relationships, isolating us in some cases from healthy contact with those around us.

It is necessary not to label the persistent behaviors in obsessions, it is necessary to analyze deeply with the professional help if what is being faced is due to an unresolved situation, either due to fear or lack of elements or, if we are faced with an obsessive behavior that prevents us from being happy and remaining calm.

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